New Covid Information~~


Dear Church Family,


You've likely heard that Gov. Inslee has instigated a number of tightened restrictions across the state due to rising covid cases that went into effect Monday night and extends through December 14. One of these restrictions affects churches.


His new restrictions reduce the number of people to 25% of capacity or 200, whichever is lower. That means that we can have 49 people in the sanctuary. We will be setting up about 20 chairs in the foyer as well as chairs downstairs if we need that space for more overflow. And of course, face coverings and distancing are still requirements. 


He has also prohibited congregational singing, and has placed tight restrictions on how music is done and how many people can be involved. Until we can sort this out more fully, we will dispense with singing at least this coming Sabbath.


Children's Sabbath Schools will continue, and teachers and parents will be asked to help children mask where appropriate and be as sanitary as possible. 


I know we are all fed up with this. Hopefully this wave will pass in about a month and we can get back at least where we were before Monday evening.


In the meantime, Peace.


Greg Griffitts


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