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Sabbath School classes begin at 9:45 am and church service starts at 11:00 am Saturday mornings.  Please join us if you are able.  

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Praying Together Newsletter
March 2023

  • Welcoming New Prayer Coordinators
  • Growing Prayer in Churches
  • Monthly Zoom for Prayer Coordinators
  • Prayer Causes a 180 Degree Turn
  • Resources for Prayer Ministry
  • Prayer Summit
  • Prayer list for this week

Welcoming New Prayer Coordinators

Last week I was able to give a wonderful report to David Jamieson about the number of prayer coordinators in UCC. In 2020 we had 33 coordinators and assistants in prayer ministry in the UCC churches. As of last week, we had 52. Today there are 53! God is on the move.

Growing Prayer in Churches

During the month of March, our president, David Jamieson, will be inviting pastors to facilitate naming a prayer coordinator for their church if they do not have one already. Please pray that God will raise up prayer in each church. If God is calling you to prayer ministry, please notify your pastor. We will share resources with you to help you get started.

Monthly Zoom for Prayer Coordinators

Thank you to Cathy Law for sharing an answer to pray at our Friday Zoom for prayer coordinators. I enjoyed meeting all who came and look forward to our next prayer zoom together. I know you were encouraged by the prayers and sharing.
The monthly prayer zoom for prayer coordinators is meant as a time to connect with God and each other and pray together as well as share.  If you are involved in prayer ministry of any kind, you are invited!

Janet (Kathy) Marson is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Friday Prayer Coordinator Zoom
Time: March 24, 2023 07:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
        Every month on the Fourth Friday, 
Join Zoom Meeting
Bring your prayer requests, your praises, and if you are willing to share what is happening with prayer ministry in your church, let me know.

Prayer Causes a 180-Degree Turn

Pastor Brandon Korter shares the story of what God can do when one person prays on a guided missile cruiser. You will be encouraged by how God makes such a difference.

Resources for Prayer Ministry

When you begin prayer ministry in your church there is no right or wrong way. Whatever God impresses you to start with that grows prayer will reap many rewards. Pictured are some resources I recommend:
The Quick Start Guide from Advent Source is perfect for getting started. It will give you great tips and inspiration for maintaining a successful ministry. Here is a link: Quick Start Guide
Praying the Word is a booklet created by James and John Ash that contains Bible promises on a variety of color-coded topics. It can be used in prayer meetings to pray through God's word. It is a powerful resource. Here is a link: Praying the Word
Praying for Rain is a mini handbook for united prayer.  If you want to inspire people to pray more and to pray together, this book is for you. Share this often. We have many copies of this book available, but here is a digital copy: Praying for Rain
All of these resources are available by hard copy through Prayer Ministries in UCC for a small postage/handling fee. Just email your request to

Prayer Summit

We are planning a Prayer Summit this fall. We hope to hold this in October. We are not able to know for sure the date at this time and will let you know as soon as possible. This Prayer Summit will offer:  training for beginners; ideas for developing your prayer ministry into a prayer team; teaching how to dovetail prayer ministry with all the ministries in your church.  We also would like to know what kind of training you want us to provide. What do you want to learn. While we are in the planning stage is a great time to hear from you. Email us at

Prayer list for March

Praying Together, March 1, 2023 

  • Pray for the UCA Elementary School in Spangle, Wash., that each student and teacher will grow Christlike in their leadership and characters and also excel academically.  

  • Pray for each child attending public school, that God will protect and guide them each day.  

  • Pray for each Pendleton Spanish Adventist Church member that God will help them reach people for Jesus.  

  • Pray for each person who leads out in Sabbath School — whether children or adults — that they will hear and follow God's directions and His will for their class. 

  • Pray for Granger Adventist Church that each member can help others know Jesus as their friend and Savior. 

  • Pray for the city leaders, mayors, and sheriffs of Spangle and Granger, Washington, and Pendleton, Oregon. Pray they will seek God's wisdom as they lead.  

  • Pray for David Jamieson and the leadership team in UCC that God blesses and leads them each day for His purpose. 

  • Pray this verse for your life: "Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand" Proverbs 19:21. 

As you seek God daily, remember we are willing to pray for you. Contact the UCC Prayer Team by going to  

Praying Together, March 8, 2023 
Praying for the members of Sunnyside Adventist Church, St. Maries Adventist Church, and for the city leaders of these communities. Pray also for all teachers in UCC and the leadership team.

Praying Together, March 15, 2023 
Praying for the Disaster Relief Department in UCC as well as Harris Junior in Pendleton, Ore. Praying for the members of Blue Mt. Valley Mission Adventist Church in Athena, Ore., as well as the city leaders of these communities. Praying for all leaders in UCC. 

Praying Together, March 22, 2023 
Praying for the members of Selah Adventist Church and the students and teachers at Sandpoint Junior Academy and Upper Columbia Academy. Pray for the city leaders of these communities as well as UCC leadership. 

Praying Together, March 29, 2023 
Pray for all the members of Wenatchee, Troy, Yakima Three Angels Spanish and Condon Adventist churches as well as the city leaders of these communities. Pray for UCC directors and administrators. 

Newsletter prepared by Kathy Marson, prayer ministries coordinator for Upper Columbia Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

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