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4th SABBATH 4 HIM (His In Music, Ministry, Mission & Merriment): 

4th Sabbath 4 Him is for EVERYONE!! Young, Old, and in-between, come for all or part of the day.  Invite your friends!

Come for part or all of this blessed day.


 Activities start at -

Colville Seventh-day Adventist Church, 138 E. Cedar Loop, Colville, 509-684-5845.#


Praying Together Newsletter
February 2023

  • David Jamieson's Message Following 31 Days of Prayer
  • Something for Prayer Coordinators
  • Prayer list for this week
  • Answered Prayer and Praise
  • Start Your Own 31 Days of Prayer
David Jamieson's Message

Wow January was powerful, wasn't it? David Jamieson has a message for us following the 31 Days of Prayer for Renewal. His message is a call to action — something that those who read and prayed through each devotional were hoping for, something for us to grab hold of. Read his full message at

Something for Prayer Coordinators— Response Requested
I want to meet you. I want to listen to what you are doing in your church. Would you like to do the same? You are integral to the conference and we can learn from each other.

Let's meet monthly and see how that works. It would be in a Zoom setting.  We could meet for approximately one hour each month to: 1. share what is working in our churches; 2. share answers to prayer; and 3. to pray together.  I think this will give new life to all prayer ministries. 

Please respond with your choices, to Prayer Ministries at  I will send out the results next week! Choose: One Night, One Time, and One Week of the Month. 
Which night?          Monday,       Tuesday            or  Friday
What Time?             6 p.m.,            6:30 p.m.          or 7 p.m.  
Week of Month? 2nd week?  3rd week?        4th week?

Prayer List for This Week

Praying Together, February 1, 2023 

  • Pray for all of the members of Goldendale Adventist Church, that God's Holy Spirit will lead as they minister through their school, Pathfinders, health classes, choir, feeding the hungry, and prayer meetings etc.  

  • Pray for all the students and teachers at Palisades Christian Academy in Spokane, Washington, that they will live for Jesus with love, integrity, virtue, and excellence.  

  • Pray for each leader and director in the UCC to grow strong in God's will. 

  • Pray for Davenport Adventist Church, that each member will desire to share Jesus in this community.  

  • Pray for each member of the Sandpoint Adventist Church in Idaho, to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to share the Gospel and lead community members to Jesus.  

  • Pray for the mayor, civic leaders, and sheriffs of Goldendale, Spokane, Davenport and Sandpoint that God's wisdom will be followed.  

Are you facing a giant? The UCC Prayer Team is ready to pray for your situation, help is only a click away. Please send in your prayer request by going to  

Answered Prayers and Praise
During 31 Days of Prayer we had 63 responses from people thanking us for the event or having a prayer request. There have also been some answers to prayer.

  • A request for God's blessing on a health program brought in more people than they had expected.
  • Request for healing from sickness brought better health.
  • A request for prayer brought reconciliation.
  • An anointing for stage 4 cancer was answered. The individual believes they are healed. We are praising God and praying for a scan to reveal the miracle.
  • Praise that many requests were for Salvation -- We know that prayer is answered with "Yes."
  • A Prayer for a church that was languishing is being answered because the members see God's Spirit working.
  • A lady who is blind is still able to Pray daily for and with her family and friends, and through this, a study group has formed and people are coming to church.
Start Your Own 31 Days of Prayer
Even though it might feel like everyone already did this, the reality is that many more people will be blessed by this set of devotionals. I recommend you start a 31 Days of Prayer with your church. Perhaps the first day of a month that has 31 days. Start it with a study group or with a community group. Use the print edition (it is linked below).  If you would like the Word edition so you can edit the name of the church or group, just email me at 

Print edition of 31 Days of Prayer for Renewal (English)  
(Print on 8 1/2 by 11 paper and staple)

Print edition of 31 Days of Prayer for Renewal (Spanish)  
(Print on 8 1/2 by 11 paper and staple)

Morning Promo Video #1 - David Jamieson

Sabbath Morning Promo Video #2 - Kathy Marson

Newsletter prepared by Kathy Marson, prayer ministries coordinator for Upper Columbia Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

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