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News and events for December 29, 2021



AMEN Northwest Conference Registration Now Open 

Registration for the AMEN Northwest Conference is now open! The conference, titled "Building on the Basics," will be held at the UCC office on March 11-13, 2022. For more information and to register, visit



God Provides Leadership for YACS Following Sudden Loss

When Yakima Adventist Christian School faced unexpected circumstances following the sudden loss of principal Denise Carey in October 2020, former YACS staff members stepped up to lead and continue to provide a Christian education to the students at YACS. Read the story at

Pathfinder Teen Retreat — Registration Now Open 
Registration is now open for this year's Pathfinder Teen Retreat. The theme, "Within the Struggle," will address personal and spiritual struggles our teens are facing today. The retreat will be held January 28-30, 2022 at Camp MiVoden. For more information and to register, visit

10 Days of Prayer — January 5-15, 2022
Lead your prayer group or church in 10 days of prayer and drawing closer to God with resources from the North American Division. To sign up or find more information, visit

UCC Holiday Hours
UCC will be closed on January 3 to allow employees to spend time with their families.  The ABC will be observing their regular hours.

Rogers Adventist School Surpasses Goal by 100% 
In October, students at Rogers Adventist School set out to their annual jog-a-thon when their bus broke down! Ironically, they were jogging to raise funds for a new bus. Read the story about how God blessed their efforts, and how many miles the top three students ran, by visiting

A Sandwich, a Random Act of Kindness and a New Opportunity
When Stephanie Gonzales commented on a stranger’s book in line at Subway, she didn’t expect it would lead to her daughter transferring to Sandpoint Junior Academy. Read the story of how a sandwich led to a Christian education at

Help Needed: Volunteer Janitor for Better Living Center 
The Better Living Center is in need of a volunteer janitor to come in weekly to sweep and mop the floors outside of their open hours. The Food Bank is open on Tuesdays, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.,  and on Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The job only takes an hour and a half each week. If you are interested, call Gayle Haeger at (509) 720-4936.

Snow Removal Services Needed in Otis Orchards
The Otis Orchards Adventist Church is in need of snow removal for their parking lot for a reasonable price. As with many churches, the budget is tight so they would like to ask the Adventist community for help. Do you own a snow plow, or do you know of any company that could be hired for a reasonable price? If so, please contact Matthew Burton at (208) 416-8138. 

Let's Pray Together, December 29, 2021 
Provided by UCC prayer ministries

  • Pray for God's blessing on firemen all across the United States, that they will have the same heart for people that God does and they will find that love from God in their lives. 
  • Pray for the Pendleton Spanish Adventist Church and their pastor, Saul Dominguez. Pray that they will find ways to reach their community for Jesus. 
  • Pray for the Pendleton Adventist Church and their pastor, Stephen Farr. Pray that they will know the love of Christ and share this through joyful service and loving others. 
  • Pray that this verse is implemented in your life: "By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:35)
  • Pray for God to move mountains, and for the faith to know He will do so.
When the world is closing in on you, be sure to ask for someone to pray for you. The UCC Prayer Team is ready to pray for your special needs. No request is too small. Please send in your prayer request by going to

Offering Appeal for January 1, 2022
Local Church Budget
We worship God because first is where He belongs. The opening words of the Holy Scripture, “In the beginning God,” positions God as “The First” without other details about His origin and prior existence. His position as “The First” is more than an honorific or a static title; it declares the Divine Being as the rightful Starter of everything. In Paul’s words, He is the Chief Cornerstone, and for John the Revelator, He is the Alpha. As the appeal “Put God First” resounds in our ears, it would be presumptuous to think that we can decide whether God is first. Putting God First is simply an acknowledgment of who God is: The First, The Starter. When we put God first, we are aligning our existence with the order of the universe.  The story is told of two brothers who were busy assembling the pieces of a puzzle game. After some time, the father could hear conflict between the brothers. As he stepped into the room, he could see both holding and pulling the same piece of the puzzle while screaming at each other. One wanted to place the piece at the bottom left and the other at the top right. He could not refrain from smiling and finally gave these words of advice: “Unless the piece is placed where it should be, you will never complete the puzzle.” Unless “The First,” “The Starter,” is placed where He is supposed to be, our existence will never be complete. We are doomed to be non-starters.  In managing our resources, small and great, who and what is competing for the first place? If you aspire to make this year a masterpiece of your life, choose to acknowledge God as the First in everything.

Keeping the financial health of our church in mind
Giving Plan
How your local church budget fits into "My Personal Giving Plan"
Like every family, the local church family has financial obligations to meet. Some are easy to see like power and heat, but many are not so obvious: children’s magazines, Sabbath School Bible study guides, teaching supplies, staff salaries, cleaning services, church school operating expenses, property insurance, worthy student fund, and community outreach. These are but a few of the costs that must be met month after month as the local church seeks to be a light in the community. Because these expenses are constant, My Personal Giving Plan recommends that 3-5% of one’s income be set aside for the local church budget. This systematic giving ensures that all share both in the blessings and the responsibilities of the local congregation.
The North American Division encourages the use of the “My Personal Giving Plan.” This plan was developed as a guideline to assist members in systematic giving. The plan suggests that, in addition to returning 10% of a member’s personal income as tithe, certain percentages may be dedicated as offerings to three main categories:
• Local Church Budget: 3-5%
• Conference Advance: 1-2%
(Education, evangelism, VBS, summer camps, and union magazines)
• World Budget: 1-3%
*Visit to see a more extensive breakdown for each category.

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Prayers for Kentucky
On December 10, 2021, Kentucky and five additional states were affected by what is being declared as the largest tornado in history. North American Division Adventist Community Services (NAD ACS) is assisting with purchasing supplies to assist with the relief efforts of ACS Disaster Response. To learn more about how to help those experiencing loss and displacement, please visit

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Open Positions at UCC 
• Administrative Assistant, Trust (PT) (College Place)
• Associate Treasurer (FT)
For more information and to apply, see

Sunset Calendars Now Available
Sunset calendars for 2022 are now available online at The calendars are designed to easily print out if needed.