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News and events for December 1, 2021


Palisades Christian Academy
Opens New Gymnasium

In October 2021, Palisades Christian Academy (PCA) in Spokane, Washington, conducted a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of their brand-new multipurpose building/gymnasium. The new addition is more than 15,000 square feet and includes two full-sized basketball courts and a large stage at one end. To read more about the gymnasium and its opening, visit



Free Christmas Devotional for Kids 

Happy birthday, Jesus" is a free, downloadable 25-day activity devotional for the entire family created by the North American Division's Children’s Ministries department. This devotional guides readers through the first 25 days of December, while celebrating and remembering Jesus, the real reason for the season. It is currently available in English, Spanish and French. To download, see

Open Positions at UCC 
• Administrative Assistant, Trust (PT)
This position involves working closely the Trust department and the corporation attorneys, assists customers on the phone and in person,  and serves as a Notary Public. The position will handle asset activity with the Trust, create and maintain files for documents, and works with records in Trust software. For more information and to apply, see

Goldendale Celebrates Record-High Enrollment
When teachers Dave and Ulena Robinson came to Goldendale Adventist Christian School in August 2015, there was only one student enrolled. Now, six years later, they are blessed with 36 students.  Read about the journey GCAS has taken at

Help Needed: Volunteer Janitor for Better Living Center 
The Better Living Center is in need of a volunteer janitor to come in weekly to sweep and mop the floors outside of their open hours. The Food Bank is open on Tuesdays, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.,  and on Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. If you are interested, call Gayle Haeger at (509) 720-4936.

Celebrate Christmas with Shine 104.9 
Shine 104.9 invites you to celebrate the reason for the season! Tune in and listen to Christmas music throughout the month of December on your radio, on the Shine 104.9 app, or online at

Blue Mountain TV Fall Fundraiser Raises Record-High Total 
Blue Mountain TV is celebrating the success of their fall fundraiser, where volunteers raised $85,045. This record-high total is thanks to generous donations from the station's supporters. To learn more about Blue Mountain TV, visit

Growing Together Cohort
Thriving churches grow together, engaging all generations. The Growing Together cohort process begins with a year-long digital experience alongside other local churches. Together growing and learning six research-based core commitments, cohort churches will innovate relevant practices to implement intentionally in their context. All local churches across the North American Division are invited on a transformation journey equipping leaders to reach, love, and empower their members better. To learn more and register, see

Let's Pray Together, December 1, 2021 
Provided by UCC prayer ministries

  • Pray for filmmakers, that they will make films that will touch hearts for God. 
  • Pray for Lake City Academy in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Pray that their mission will be felt and practiced among the students and teachers. "With Christ as our cornerstone, we are wholly committed to loving to learn, and teaching through love." 
  • Pray for Sandpoint Adventist Church and that the members will all minister as God has called them, through the power of Jesus, to love people and provide a nurturing place to build a friendship with Him. 
  • Pray for Royal City Spanish Adventist Group and pastor Walter Pintos, along with Dr. Roger, the Bible worker. Pray that each member will strive to reach "One More" for Jesus. 
  • Pray for Ritzville Adventist Company and their pastor Robert Harvey Jr. Pray they will share Jesus and the Bible to their visitors. 
  • Pray that the UCC office staff will be blessed by God and represent him to all. 
Thank you for joining the UCC Prayer Team in praying for these requests. Remember this team is ready to pray for your special needs. No request is too small. Please send in your prayer request by going to

Offering Appeal for December 4, 2021
Local Church Budget
The Lord asked Noah to build an ark. Not by the riverfront, not by the ocean side, but on dry land. Each plank, each nail, and each cut was a testimony that he trusted in God. The finances for such an undertaking were enormous, but the command of God was clear. “Make thee an ark of gopher wood.” Genesis 6:14. If God asks you and me to do something, it’s because He has already provided a way for it to be accomplished. God provided the wood, the manpower, and the finances to accomplish Noah’s great task. He provided some in advance and others as they walked by faith. Today, God may ask us to take a leap of faith. To start a new ministry that will impact the community. To start a new Pathfinder club or Vacation Bible School for the children of the church. Often you may sense God calling you to step forward. I want you to understand that in every venture in the Bible, God provided the resources as His people moved forward by faith. Remember Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Esther, Deborah, and Daniel, to name a few. The church budget includes many ministries that will enhance the lives of the church and the local community. Today as you give, you can become an Esther, a Daniel, or a Joseph for the Lord. When God touches your heart, give so you and others can take that step of faith and fulfill His will through your life. 

Keeping the financial health of our church in mind
Giving Plan
How your local church budget fits into "My Personal Giving Plan"
Like every family, the local church family has financial obligations to meet. Some are easy to see like power and heat, but many are not so obvious: children’s magazines, Sabbath School Bible study guides, teaching supplies, staff salaries, cleaning services, church school operating expenses, property insurance, worthy student fund, and community outreach. These are but a few of the costs that must be met month after month as the local church seeks to be a light in the community. Because these expenses are constant, My Personal Giving Plan recommends that 3-5 percent of one’s income be set aside for the local church budget. This systematic giving ensures that all share both in the blessings and the responsibilities of the local congregation.
The North American Division encourages the use of the “My Personal Giving Plan.” This plan was developed as a guideline to assist members in systematic giving. The plan suggests that, in addition to returning 10 percent of a member’s personal income as tithe, certain percentages may be dedicated as offerings to three main categories:
• Local Church Budget: 3-5 percent
• Conference Advance: 1-2 percent
(Education, evangelism, VBS, summer camps, and union magazines)
• World Budget: 1-3 percent
*Visit to see a more extensive breakdown for each category.

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In Case You Missed It…

Momentum: A Virtual Children's Ministries Event Available to View Online 
North Pacific Union Conference held a virtual event for children's ministries, titled Momentum, on November 13. This event focused on two seminars that will help kickstart your children's ministries program in your church, and included a section on improving the mental health of your family.  To watch the meetings, see

AMEN Northwest Conference — March 11-13, 2022
Save the date! Building on the Basics AMEN Northwest Conference March 11 – 13, 2022 at the UCC office. Details about speakers and CME opportunities for health care providers coming soon.