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News and events for June 10, 2020


Unique Camp Meeting - June 17-20
There is something unique about the 2020 camp meeting to be held virtually in Upper Columbia Conference (UCC). This is a year of firsts and it is our prayer that this camp meeting will exceed your expectations! Join us for spiritual renewal June 17-20, 2020!  Read more here.
We are praying, intentionally, that this year's camp meeting will change your life! You will not want to miss camp meeting in UCC this year. Watch it through the UCC Facebook page.



New Clip From The Mud Guy
Rich Aguilera is just as excited to do our kid's programming as they will be to watch. He has sent us one more short clip giving kids another peek at what camp meeting has in store for them. Watch it here

Statement on School Reopening in Fall 2020
The UCC education department has been hard at work preparing for school to reopening across the conference in Fall 2020. For the full statement from Brian Harris, vice president for education at UCC, see the statement at

Campmeeting Lodging 
All camp meeting lodging reservations for 2020 have been transferred to June 16-19, 2021. If you would like a full refund for your lodging for 2020 instead, that deadline is June 30, 2020. Please contact or call the office at (509) 838-2761. The camp meeting speakers for 2021 are Joe Kidder and Lowell Cooper. We will update you as more details come available.

Free Webinar on Parenting and Marriage – June 11, 18 and 25
You are invited to join a free webinar on parenting and marriage, hosted by College Place Village Church. Heather Robinson, Darold Bigger, and Richie and Timari Brower will present. For more information see the flier
Registration is available online

Camp MiVoden Prepares to Reopen
Campers will be excited to know that Camp MiVoden is preparing to open for summer camp. Our staff has been working hard to get Camp MiVoden open for our kids! Health and safety are our main priorities. For the full announcement, see

Online Children's Sabbath Schools
You are invited to join Spokane Valley Church for beginners, kindergarten, or primary Sabbath School programs and lesson story any time after 7 a.m. each Sabbath morning at Valley Adventist on YouTube. Or go to Valley Adventist on Facebook. This is new programming each Sabbath. 

Volunteers Needed For Sewing Masks
Lisa Curtis with United Way reached out asking for some help. They are looking for sewing groups or individuals who are making cloth masks. Quite a few of the local non-profits are in need for their staff so they can continue with their missions in the community. If you know of a resource that can help provide cloth masks they would be extremely appreciative. I have attached the link for their newsletter that describes the process for the two.

2020 Family Giving Record
Here is a family giving sheet you can print out to keep so you know all of the offerings for the year and can plan out your giving. 2020 Family Giving Record
Final Call, UCC Campmeeting Needs Your Video
Parents, we would like you to record a welcome video with your family that we can play at camp meeting. Simply gather your children and give your version of a welcome. Make it fun and in the environment, your children have been enjoying (on swingsets, in trees, playing with toys). You can upload your video and learn more about camp meeting at

Adventist Book Center Camp Meeting Sale
The June camp meeting sale is underway at the ABC. If you haven’t received a flyer please visit or click here for the flier. 

Food Pantry Volunteers
Several volunteer positions are needed to help local food pantries. If you have time please contact one of these locations below to offer your service.
• Volunteer Spokane
• Spokane Better Living Center
Contact Wendy Urbin at 509-828-2437
• In Walla Walla area, Center for Humanitarian Engagement
• Anywhere we have a food pantry, individuals could call the leader if they are in a less at-risk category (Deary, Endicott, Hayden Lake, Pasco, Troy, Walla Walla University Church, Yakima 35th Avenue)

Do You Need Prayer?
UCC Prayer Ministry is here to pray for your needs as they come into our web site. The UCC prayer team will pray for you that day. You may submit your request or even request a phone call where you can pray with someone, at the UCC web site here.

Websites for Sharing
These websites from our Youth, Young Adult and Club Ministries departments are for sharing with your community, and are specifically for Pathfinder-age young people and young adults respectively. Enjoy and share on Facebook, Instagram, wherever you go on social media! 

Offering Appeal for this Sabbath, June 13
Thank you UCC Church members for your faithfulness with your tithes and offerings during this crisis. If you are having any trouble getting your funds to your church, please contact your pastor.
Local Church Budget
We cannot let this pass. In 1982, a small nine-student church school ended the school year with a $4,000 deficit. The conference asked the local church to honor the debt or the school would be shut down.
The new pastor arrived in September. When made aware of the situation, he asked the treasurer and head elder “What plans are in place to retire the debt?” They responded: “We don’t have the money; we don’t know what to do.” With only two months to raise the funds, the local pastor reminded the congregation of their need to fulfill their promise and clear the debt.
An anonymous donor announced that he was willing to donate two months’ worth of his salary (half the outstanding debt) if the church would match the rest. The next Sabbath the treasurer passionately pled: “This is a wonderful opportunity we cannot let pass. Folks, we need to match this generous gift!” Her enthusiasm jolted the local church into action. Donations poured in and the debt was retired. Today, that school is a thriving K-12 institution.
Our local church depends on our sacrificial and systematic support. Let us be faithful and support the Lord’s work in our local church with our generous financial contributions.
How Local Church Budget fits into My Personal Giving Plan
Like every family, the local church family has financial obligations to meet. Some are easy to see like power and heat, but many are not so obvious: children’s magazines, Sabbath School Bible study guides, teaching supplies, staff salaries, cleaning services, church school operating expenses, property insurance, worthy student fund, and community outreach. These are but a few of the costs that must be met month after month as the local church seeks to be a light in the community. Because these expenses are constant, My Personal Giving Plan recommends that 3-5 percent of one’s income be set aside for the local church budget. This systematic giving ensures that all share both in the blessings and the responsibilities of the local congregation.
The North American Division encourages the use of the “My Personal Giving Plan.” This plan was developed as a guideline to assist members in systematic giving. The plan suggests that, in addition to returning 10 percent of a member’s personal income as tithe, certain percentages may be dedicated as offerings to three main categories:
• Local Church Budget: 3-5 percent
• Conference Advance: 1-2 percent
(Education, evangelism, VBS, summer camps, and union magazines)
• World Budget: 1-3 percent
*Visit to see a more extensive breakdown for each category.
The My Personal Giving Plan encourages each of us to renew our commitment to the principles of Christian stewardship. While it blesses the church as a whole, its real impact is on us as individuals in our faith-based covenant with God.
Everything in God’s creation is orderly and purposeful. The same can be said of My Personal Giving Plan. Like all plans, it requires thought and consideration. No great work can be built upon emotional or sporadic giving.
Giving Options
In giving to the Lord's Work during this crisis Use your local church website or go to UCC Giving site:
AdventistGiving Bulletin Insert - English Brochure  Spanish Brochure
AdventistGiving Donor Instructions - English     Spanish

Plan now for the Thirteenth Sabbath Offering – June 27
The first 13th Sabbath Offering Project was introduced in 1912 to establish a mission in India. With approximately four hundred 13th Sabbaths since that first project, this offering has allowed the church to build schools, dormitories, hospitals, clinics, churches, mission-launches, lamb-shelters, printing presses and universities around the world. Often there is more than one project for an offering so there have been over a thousand projects. Because tithe money is not allowed to be used for buildings, the 13th Sabbath offering has usually been for construction-type projects.
This quarter’s offering will benefit the Trans-European Division in three ways: open a center of influence in Norway, establish a church in Serbia and construct a church and center of influence in Cyprus (refer to the map on the back of the Adult Quarterly).
You can give a Thirteenth Sabbath Offering any time throughout the quarter by marking your tithe envelope.

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