The Colville SDA Church recently voted to create a Missions Ministry, which may function as a small group or as a committee which meets regularly.  The guiding principles of this group include:


  • To impact world missions by choosing at least one world site which we support personally, financially, and prayerfully.

  • To commit to the worldwide mission of the church.

  • To become involved in fundraising, education and churchwide awareness of missions and invite the entire church's response and participation.

  • To involve young people in this ministry.

  • To provide an opportunity for people to personally experience the blessing of impacting the challenges and needs of the mission field.

  • The first meetings of the Mission Ministry recently took place.  We will research four countries- Ethiopia, India, Philippines and Thailand; and look for opportunities to invite others from our community to work with us in a mission adventure to bless the work of those already working there.  We will specifically look for medical, school, orphan or building projects where a team could be of help.